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City of Orem Fire Department is committed to safeguarding the privacy of your personal information. When using this website, we highly recommend using a personal device. However, if you must use a public computer, follow these 5 important safety rules:

1) DO NOT save your login information.
2) DO NOT leave the computer unattended.
3) Use the browser's Incognito or Private mode so that your browsing history, any forms input and cookies do not persist after ending your session.
4) Always Sign out and close the browser when done using this website.
5) WATCH OUT for strangers snooping over your shoulder.

City of Orem Fire Department limits use of customer information it collects to what is necessary to service customer accounts and conduct the business of City of Orem Fire Department . Except as detailed below, City of Orem Fire Department does not disclose, share, sell, transfer, or rent your sensitive personal and financial information to non-affiliated third parties, except and only to the extent City of Orem Fire Department is required to furnish such information in response to a subpoena, court order, levy, attachment, or other legal process.

City of Orem Fire Department may share information with affiliated companies as required to service your account. Any such access is limited only to the extent required to perform that specific service. City of Orem Fire Department may on occasion disclose information to companies performing other services necessary to complete customer-requested transactions. Such companies are bound by confidentiality obligations and are restricted by contract and other legal requirements to use the information only for the specific purpose for which they received it.

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